Sunday, January 23, 2011

Suavitel to no avail

In an attempt to remind me of "home," I purchased a series of detergents and fabric softeners that I know my parents use. I took the extra time and tender, loving, care to make my laundry feel and smell like they do when laundry gets done at home (and I say "gets done," because sometimes parents do my laundry and I get to kick my feet back... I don't let go and let others do for me very often...).

Stupid Morning Sun Suavitel! You let me down! My towels still are not quite as full. My shirts are still not quite as soft. My linens hint of an odor that reminds me of home, but it is not the same. Ugh.

Very few things remind me of home, as home was never one place for very long. Laundry detergent is one thing that remained fairly consistent, regardless of what house we lived in. I guess Dorothy had something. There really is no place (or in my case, fluffy laundry) like home.

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