Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cue the [fill in the blank]

I just clicked the "send" button and submitted the first chapter of my thesis to my advisors. I am not sure if I should cue the applause, a drum roll, or a blood-curdling scream. First, I think I had planned to have finished already and not just starting with the finishing-my-last-task-to-graduate part. So while I want to be excited, I really just feel kind of lame. Second, I know my professor(s) and the tearing up that is about to commence. It might prove a little discouraging, and more work, but I can handle it. And this is only the first of three chapters...

But it is kind of a big thing for me to submit that one. I can hear the sound playing in my dad's head when he reads that I have officially started the beginning of the end of graduate school.

Next up, finish my second chapter and click on "send." I won't even know what to do with myself when all of this is over.

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