Sunday, May 17, 2009

I dodged the "dork" bullet today

But it won't be long before I have to take the "dork" bullet... right in the gut. A number of my bosses really want to see a presence of rangers on bikes at the battlefield. And by a number, I really mean one, but what am I going to do? The first thing I heard this morning when I came into work this morning: "Elizabeth. You are going to lead the caravan tour today. On a bike." Ah, maaan! I have no problem riding; I used to mountain bike like it was nobody's business. But the caravan tour? In my service uniform? On the bike? Additionally, I was going to have to wear the straps around my pants (so they wouldn't get stuck in the spokes), gloves (a given), helmet (even more a given), and plastic safety glasses. Nothing says "I'm I dork, look out" louder than those safety glasses (well, maybe pocket protectors...). I was ready to go, safety glasses and all, when I was informed that I could drive the park van instead because of the weather. Whew. But soon... I am in the process of ordering some bike pants (another level of dork-dom) so that I won't ruin my dress pants.

The caravan tour went well, though. The group responded and engaged accordingly; that always helps tours go smoothly. During the bike-led caravan tours, though, they will have to respond as I will have to ask questions so I can use the time that the audience takes to answer to catch my breath. "[gasp]The battle of Stones [gasp] River was fought [gasp] here in..."

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