Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Days Off(ish)

I use my days off from the battlefield to get stuff done. That's just how I roll. I accomplish a lot by trading in my days of rest. I've been getting to bed earlier, though, and am feeling like I am finally catching up on sleep. I went through about 700 photographs yesterday and found a few that I will be able to use. I also had my mom (a super research assistant!) go to the Southeast Regional Office of the National Archives in Atlanta to see if they had any CCC records. Alas, they did not. I did find out that there are a few of the records I need in Maryland, and am anxiously waiting for those copies to be shipped to the battlefield. I also got the documents I needed from Fisk via Interlibrary Loan, so that helped me a lot (and I didn't have to make a trip there today).

I think if researchers were to create bibliographies of the consulted works and resources that did NOT end up being helpful, they would create a document as long as their actual written work. I have lots of research bunny trails that I meander down that lead nowhere. I guess that is part of the research fun.

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Will said...

the amount of bunny trails is about 20% cool and interesting and 80% frustrating and distracting