Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am free (for the day)

Today was supposed to be a nothing day, as I did not have to work AND had no homework deadlines looming over my head. But I was up at 6am making pancakes and have been on the go since. Aw, man! Why do I do this to myself? I did take a short nap midday, though (first nap of the semester!). I got a lot accomplished today. I ran errands and cleaned house and even sent in some applications for some jobs; in all, I was productive.

Tomorrow has been officially designated a nothing day by my roommate and I. She will have turned in all of her assignments by then. The only thing we have to do tomorrow: NOTHING! What an exciting prospect... First, I am sleeping in. Then I may relocate to the couch (still remaining in that horizontal position and not changing out of my pajamas). We may go to dinner tomorrow evening in celebration, then join some of my comrades from the battlefield in a game of trivia at a local Mexican food place then call it a day (I work on Friday and we are scheduled to have close to 200 middle schoolers visit the battlefield so I will need a decent night's sleep). I will officially start school-related studies starting next week, but I am giving myself a minor mental break before I do.

A brief story from today: I stopped by the battlefield to sign some letters and pick up my most recent copy of my SF-50 (a government document that basically shows that I work for the man). I tried to keep it on the down-low that I wanted a copy, so I asked the admin assistant quietly if he knew where my copy was and if I could get another copy. Unfortunately, Gib(my boss) overheard the request. "What do you want? A job?" he heckled. I told him I was just putting in for a number of jobs overseas with the Air Force to at least put my name in the pool. He then told me of an opening in the SE regional office in Atlanta for a historian. I think he was trying to convince me to stay with the park service. He was actually very helpful, showing me the best way to apply for jobs (well, park service jobs). He also said if I applied for it, he knew the people hiring (and I might get somewhat a positive recommendation). It would be cool to live in downtown ATL... That made me feel a little better, while recreating the pulling sensation I feel when I think about what I want to do after graduation. I want to stay with the park service, but I also want to go overseas for a while. I guess it is all out of my control at this point and I just have to chill out about it.

I am looking forward to writing my thesis, if only because I see it as my key to my freedom. Once it is written, I am free to go where I want. Seriously. It will also be cool to not have school deadlines and the sort daunting me everyday. Even on my "nothing" day, I will be thinking about the people I need to email, the papers that need to be written, the works that need to be read, the bibliographies that need to be complied, the weddings that need to be coordinated (that was for you, Will), and so on. So I will mentally check out for a day (or at least try to).

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