Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Louisiana Experiences

Some friends of mine invited me out last night to experience a hole-in-the-wall dining place called "Myran's." They were excited to eat crawfish and I... was not. After assuring me that there was lots of other good food (and that the waitress greets you with cold beer cans in her apron pocket- oh, the novelty!), I agreed.

I was late getting to dinner because of the traffice stopped by a Mardi Gras parade. What was I thinking!? But I impressed myself by navigating an alternative route without the help of any maps. After many dark, winding roads, I found the place. It rested on the edge of a bayou and the parking lot was packed. Clearly, this was where it was at for a Saturday night!

Indeed. The locals were out en masse for this:

Pounds and pounds of boiled crawfish. Ew. Just thinking about the critters makes my stomach flip. My friends insisted that I needed to try one. "I'll even peel it for you so you don't have to touch it," she offered. After convincing myself that I would not die after eating one, I agreed. She peeled it for me and put it on my plate. I put it in my mouth and chewed it really fast to just get it over with. As it turned out, I did not die. It didn't taste too seafoody and the texture wasn't so bad. I don't know if I will willingly eat another one, but now I can say I tried.

Since one friend was in the bathroom, we decided to take a picture to prove that I really did eat a mudbug. We started with this:

but I was told that with that piece of the crawfish I was holding that I would actually suck the juice out (gross) so I tried again:

Yuck. Ultimately, however, this is how I felt:

Ta da! I think I will stick with my chicken tenders.

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