Saturday, June 4, 2011

this is my everest

My favorite whiteboard helps me think:

I am currently staring at a blank Word document. I realized that a lot of the advice that my advisor gave me required me opening brand new research. I don't have time! I have more than enough research! I have been researching for years! It does not take this long.

So I made a very specific outline of my last chapter, clarifying my scope. I have made notes of said outline and must finesse what I have written to fit that outline. That means deleting some paragraphs (pages-worth of writing at times) and getting more specific about what I want to say. I don't have time to do more research. I need to have this finished in T-minus 20 days.

Now I am just trying to motivate myself to do this again. It is hard for me to not just break down in tears and cry "I give up! This is dumb!" But I started this journey with every intention to finish what I started. I will make it to the top, I will summit my Everest. Just promise me that you will shed a tear of joy when you hear that I actually graduated, OK? It will make up for all of the other types of tears I shed over the course of my last four years in graduate school.

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