Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have easily killed three whole trees

With the amount of paper I have printed my revisions on, over and over again, I have knocked out several trees. And ink plants.*

But I can't stop now. I keep writing, tidying up, revising, printing, reading, and writing some more. I am still doing all of the annoying, tedious work of fixing citation notes and pagination. I just want to lie down, fall asleep, and NOT WAKE UP FOR EIGHT DAYS. Then eat a snack SO I CAN SLEEP FOR EIGHT MORE DAYS.

My stress level and exhaustion are also tied into moving into a new place (by next weekend) and implementing seasonal training at work (today was Day 1; I have 3 more energy-filled days to pump into the classroom). So, basically, if I live through the next two weeks, I will have conquered three of my most major things I will face this year (conceivably). I just have to make it through the next two weeks! Alive! Ahhhhhhhh!

P.S. I still have no guarantee that my professor will actually sign off on all of my hard work. But I sure am going to try.

*Don't worry, I recycle.

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