Sunday, June 5, 2011

my carrots

I have an hour and a half of my self-made goal to finish the rewrites of my last chapter. This does not mean that I will be completely finished with my thesis. Indeed, I will still have to finish my citation work, bibliography, and all of the front matter. And expect one more set of revisions for two chapters from my professor (hopefully, minor changes). But I have told myself that if I submit this chapter in time, I can watch a movie tonight.

Ultimately, I look forward to having free time. I think that is why I am trying so hard to finish this right now. I have had lots of borrowed free time these past few years (not that I regret it, I have just exceeded my limit). My current biggest carrot: running whenever I want. I am running Ragnar this year and cannot wait. So a movie is my small, dangling carrot. A race is my ginormous one, waiting for me to be completely complete.

I also look forward to guilt-free naps.


Bethany Hall said...

That race is intense! Do you have all your team members yet? I admire you for kicking your thesis out and planning to run an awesome race. Just remember you can complete both tasks and be stellar. Go get the carrots!

Melissa, Protector of Swordland said...

Carrots are good...but I would hang chocolate on the end of stick!!! :) I see a finish line up above!!!