Monday, March 14, 2011

Noooooo, I'm not nervous at all

I am sitting in my friend's room, all dressed up and ready to go. Freaking out (or better put: freaking in... my roommate is still sleeping). Today I present on a panel at the George Wright Society Biannual Meeting here in New Orleans. Yee Haw! I am not going to lie: I am nervous. Every time I do this, I get nervous. This ain my first rodeo. Agh! But this might be where I fall off my bucking horse!

I tell myself I will do fine. Everybody who knows me expresses their faith in me. But I still feel inadequate on mornings before big presentations. So I will be taking deep breaths between now and 4pm, praying very hard. Five counts in, five counts out, I can do this.

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zcem13 said...

You got it buddy!!