Sunday, March 13, 2011

Greetings, Old Friend

We meet again, BNA. I missed your bustle of people traveling to and from and everywhere in between. I missed your soft music interrupted with announcements of gate changes and baggage unattendance. Your patterned carpet contrasted with the geometric-shaped chairs. Your bathrooms with the automatic everything. Your recycled air.

I missed the buzz of anticipation. The hum of excitement, girded with the minor tone of traveled stress. I live for these moments. I am about to see somewhere new! Or maybe visit a familiar face! I will take off here and land… somewhere else. I am at my least level of high-strungness sitting in your terminals. These are the precious moments that I can do nothing but wait, watch, and imagine what my trip has in store. Freaking out serves no purpose. Worrying helps nothing. Breathing calmly helps sharpen my senses.

Tomorrow the sun will greet me in another city, in another state. Oh, happy days, those I get to travel! Off I go!

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