Monday, March 28, 2011

618 of 2500

I forgot how word count could kill. I am currently writing an article that I will submit for at least the George Wright Society Conference Proceedings, but received word that it might get published in the GWS Forum (a journal published by the society). That is exciting for me! And overwhelming. The required word count is up to 2,500 words and I currently have 618 written. Good news, I pumped those 618 words out in about an hour. Bad news, I hit a writing wall. Too bad for me that I have no excuses because I have to submit this puppy by the end of the week (which means it needs to be completed by Wednesday so I can have it reviewed before I send it in). Argh. I have to bound over that writing wall and keep running. There is no rest for the... me.

In other news, I am waiting [not-so] patiently to hear about a potential job in Virginia. It may happen, it may not. In the meantime, I have to finish my thesis very soon in order to graduate in August (the hiring folks want me graduated by then, so now I have no excuse to dilly dally). Good news: this article that I am writing serves as a small part of my last chapter of my thesis. Bad news: I still have to finish the article before I can seriously focus on my chapter.

I wish I could tell stories other than than "I write" or "I work" or "I run" (of which, the time spent running has been shortened drastically to make more time for writing). One day it will happen! One day.

[I just typed "The" in my article so the word count is 619. Go me.]

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