Friday, February 11, 2011

Your Bag Has Been Inspected by the TSA

I feel like I am being packed like a suitcase. You know, when you are going on a trip but have limited luggage space. You fold, roll, tuck, cram, and do whatever it takes to fit everything you can imagine into that suitcase. Upon arrival to your destination, your suitcase literally explodes in the hotel room because there was so much crammed in it. Good luck packing to go home.

This training has been beneficial and almost overwhelming. Thoughts and ideas roll around in my head during each session. I am constantly thinking about how I will use this when I get back or how that will improve my work. I also have been inspired with some new ideas to potentially implement at the park. And don't tell my thesis advisor- I even have had some resources I can tuck into my thesis to strengthen my arguments.

But I know I am only finished with my first week and still have one more to go. I also know that I am cramming all of this and when I get home, I will explode. All of my ideas are going to land in every direction and I won't know what to do with myself. I have been trying to write down as many ideas as possible, so not to lose them.

Tomorrow is a free day. I plan on sleeping in (what?!? I don't remember the last time I did that for reals since I got back from Germany). Then chillaxing around the South Rim and possibly doing laundry. Someone might call that recharging, others decompressing. I call it "weird." How often do I get to just chill? (Also. My cell phone service is pretty darn good here, but I don't have access to Skype. HINT for those who live in an unamed country with unamed relations to me who may want to call *ac-parents-choo!*).

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