Monday, August 16, 2010

A Theory Behind Shifting Plate Tectonics

My boss argued that since people don't throw away old National Geograpgic magazines, they just get stacked up and moved around. The movement of the magazines are the cause of the shift in plate tectonics. It works for me.

I had my chance to pick through a National Geograpic giveaway stack (contributing to more shifting) a few days ago. I have loved National Geographic magazines since I was a kid. Picking through the gold bindings made my heart beat a little faster. I chose ones with cover stories on dinosaurs, diamonds, oil, and my big (dorky because I am a history goob) find: a 1982 issue with a title story, "Two Berlins."

As I poured over my finds, I couldn't squelch my kid-like wonders. I want to go to those places depicted in the semi-glossy pages. One article reviewed ecological changes on islands in the Pacific, using Palau as one of the examples. The pictures of the bright blue ocean call my name. When I grow up, I am going to find a way to visit these places and get paid for it. Hmmm. In the mean time, I will continue dreaming.

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Bethany Hall said...

My garage would agree with your theory that stacked up National Geographics do cause tectonic shifts in the Earth's crust. I have 100+/- years of National Geographics stacked up in the garage. Chris complains about it daily as our house sinks on one side.

Have fun!