Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Will (the-bestest-brother-in-law-ever!)!

So, I had contemplated wishing my brother-in-law a happy birthday by way of a facebook wall post. I don't want to cheapen my wish, though. He has a lot of folks that care about him and have posted a variety of happy birthday wishes on his page. I don't want to just post another post for posting's sake. Maybe I still will. It is fun to see a whole column of friends showering you with birthday wishes on the book of faces!

But I like Will too much. I want to give him a "happy birthday" hug in person while singing off key! I want him to have his strawberry cake and eat it, too! I want to send him a card in which Storm pops out and creates enough of an atmospheric disturbance that the lightning actually ignites the candles on his birthday cake! I feel like a wall posting will not portray that (even if I wrote all of that out).

Will and I have had several discussions on the validity of digital friendships. What levels are these types of friendships? How does it change relationship dynamics? Is is a positive or negative thing (or can you even quantify that?)? I appreciate Will's ability to discuss and not get defensive or pushy.

Will is a good guy. Actually, Will is an amazing guy. Will deserves an amazing birthday day. And a wall post. Because he is that awesome.

*P.S. Will, the X-Men reference was for you; I don't even know if I did it right, either... (:

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Will said...

my heart melted. *big uncomfortably extended and tight brother hug*