Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me

Three years ago today I rolled into the 'Boro for the first time with my car loaded with some essentials and a number to a Venezualan lady who had a room for rent, ready for graduate school. I cannot believe three years have already passed. I have now officially lived here consecutively longer than any other geographic spot on this Earth. It feels weird. I think what feels weirder is my lack of vision of what is next in my life. Potentially I can go to other parks. Potentially I can hang out here for a while.

Three years ago, I had no idea of what my future would look like in 36 months. I was brimming with excitement about being a grad student. Here I am, in the same predicament about my future, completely over the whole school thing. Well, not completely. I still have to finish...

I wonder what the next three years will bring? Or maybe I should stop pondering about my future so I can focus on my present. This week: today I babysat for twelve hours (fun way to spend my day off), tomorrow I am presenting at a teacher workshop tomorrow for Nashville metro schools, we have an ROTC staff ride on Thursday (my favorite), and I may be sent to the Gulf some time this week to be a resource advisor for some of the clean up crews. Tonight I am waiting for some laundry to finish, watching some of my favorite dramas on TNT, trying to appreciate the day. I am feeling a little off today. It was probably the concentration of six kids for twelve hours. Or my thoughts of my ten hour day tomorrow. Or my battle with uncertainty about my collection of successive tomorrows. Eesh.

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Will said...

"Or my battle with uncertainty about my collection of successive tomorrows."

You write well.