Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ahh! Nature!

Last night when I took my trash out, I noticed that the air felt cooler outside than it felt inside. I ran back into the house, excited to go to sleep with the windows cracked open. I opened the window by my head about 2 inches (not wanting my cats to get too crazy and push the screen out or anything) and restfully fell into dreamland. I awoke cheerfully to the morning sounds of birds and bugs, rolled out of bed, and headed to my strength-training class.

Upon my return home, I walked over to pet my cat who was longingly gazing out the open window when I realized that my screen was wide open. It had been open all night! Ahh! Nature! Nature escaped into my room!

So tonight I will rest my head upon my pillow and think about what living organisms will serve as my bedmates... Spiders... Mosquitoes... Spiders... Snails... Spiders... Slugs... Spiders... Snakes... You don't even know.

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