Friday, May 25, 2012

SPF Billion

I am only half joking when I tell people I need sunscreen for the brilliant light that radiates from my refrigerator bulb. Yesterday, I was reminded why I need sunscreen.

I consider SPF 30 part of my daily uniform. As a kid, sunscreening-up was the norm before family outings. Our fair skin and my siblings' corn-silk-blond hair made it necessary to take sunscreen baths before heading anywhere that the sun's rays could possibly touch us. My sunburns have been severe enough to produce marble-sized blisters and trips to the doctor in the past.

I wore a tank top yesterday on a day trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana. I knew the weather was only going to reach 94 degrees (note my hint of sarcasm at the May weather) and that the majority of the trip would be spent in the car or indoors. I brought sunscreen, but wanted to wait to apply it until necessary. No need to be extra sticky until I had to be, right? Wrong.

I forgot to apply the sunscreen before leaving the car. For most people, 8 minutes in the sun might seem a little warm, but bearable. Just a quality dose of vitamin D! For me, 8 minutes sears my skin, encouraging ever-so-tiny-but-noticeable blisters on my arms and shoulders. I was not outside for any more than 15 minutes during the day, no joke. Mm, mmm. I remember why I don't open the refrigerator door without applying sunscreen, first!

My cotton-polyester blend uniform shirt felt particularly cozy today, stinging my burn with every small movement.

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