Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am Runner 5

If you ever need some motivation for a workout, I strongly encourage a quality dose of zombies. I watched the entire season of "The Walking Dead" on my day off before turning on my Zombies, Run! game/running app. Nothing will make your feet hit the pavement faster than the idea that you are being chased by the undead. Zombies, Run! actually plays out a story through your headphones; you run to gather supplies to build up resources back at the base.  "Hurry!" a British voice pipes in over your playlist, "just a little further, they are on your tail- you can make this last sprint!"

I have found workout motivation before after watching a marathon of the Jurassic Park films. I just imagine that I have got myself caught in the tall grass (even after being warned not to go into the tall grass) and that the velociraptors can run so much faster than I. Regardless of dinosaurs or zombies, I remember Rule # 1 (Cardio), and go.

Is it a coincidence that my rare nightmares tend to involve me being chased? I'd say not.

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