Monday, March 26, 2012

my not-so-secret garden

After an inspiring chat with my [awesomest] brother-in-law [ever], I decided to post again. At first I mentioned how I didn't have much to write about. He asked me, "are you reading, writing, or running?" I responded in the affirmative. "Then write about those things!" he responded. He also offered a suggestion about writing "featured" posts, maybe about reviews of museums or something of that sort. I am mulling these thoughts over as I furiously peck at my phone.

In the meantime, I can publish a little about one of my daily releases: gardening. Gardening?? But she lives in an apartment!! I have a small container garden.

I have some tomato and pepper plants, many herbs, somw flowers, and even some pole beans. I love to be greeted by my sanctuary (sanctuary!) when I come home. I can imagine my neighbors think I am slightly crazy between my garden and my stack of recycle bins. My front patio does not match many of my neighbors' folding chairs and LSU flags and I am entirely okay with that.

Mornings have provided a peaceful time to sit on my top step and sip my coffee amongst the leaves of green. Well, the mornings I am not scrambling to get my day started, that is. Sometimes I forget that time marches forward even if I don't keep up.

I especially love the colors of my garden.

Even after a busy or stressful day, I can't help but smile when I see the lovliness of my little garden.

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