Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lasch pas la patate!

There is a Cajun French saying, "lasch pas la patate!" (pardon my poor French spelling- I don't know if it is accurate). It's literal translation: don't let go of the potato. It's figurative translation: don't give up! I think it is my favorite saying of the language so far, but I have not been able to find its origins. Well, not from locals, anyways. They know of the phrase but not its history. Before I leave Louisiana, I will uncover that mystery.

I have had to tell myself that phrase several times this week. Last Sunday, I ran a half marathon (in my tutu, as promised!).

You can bet your bottom dollar that I told myself more than once "lasch pas la patate!" Especially at miles 8, 11, and 12. My running buddy commented that I finished strong and fast during the last half mile or so. I told her because the sooner I crossed that finish line, the sooner it would all be over. Crazy thing? I am figuring out my next long race and how to train for that.

This work week has also been exhausting. I decided to swap my off days so I could take last Sunday off to run in the race; to do so, I had to work the next seven days straight. Tomorrow is my Friday's Friday's Friday! Work has wiped me out this week and I am very excited for my "weekend." "Lasch pas la patate!" I can do it.

Good news: I will be in Texas by this time next week. My heart beats happy in Texas! I am pretty sure I can't imagine better timing for this trip. The real question? Is the Lone Star State ready for this rootin' tootin' pistol temporarily assigned to Louisiana? No need to worry about holding on to potatoes while in Texas because Texas is the best state (Don't Mess With Texas).

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