Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am currently straddling a fine line between deliberate laziness and boredom. I would like to get more involved in a project of some sort but also know my time here (in middle Tennessee) is limited. I don't want to start something here that I can't finish. I think my boredom is more of just an adjustment to having free time. I have been dreaming of all this free time for years! Literally. I have been going to school for over two decades of my life. In less than two weeks, I will officially be graduated and no longer a student. Weird.

It isn't that I don't have things I can do. Like organize that stack of papers all related to my thesis that are currently haphazardly waiting by my desk. Or finish crocheting the baby blanket I started over a year ago (the infant is now ten months old...). Or even just doing dishes. But my "ah, I have finally finished" mindset overrides my will to be productive. Just give me a minute. Soon enough I will get back to my old work-super-hard-and-accomplish-much-for-life-is-short ethic. But for now, I am enjoying my summer break. A REAL BREAK! Still weird.

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