Saturday, December 11, 2010

Likes and Stati

I find myself "liking" things in life. As if my whole world operated like Facebook. "I like this" pops in my head when I want to approve something. I have even caught myself creating statuses (stati?) as my day progresses.

I am currently at my parent's house in Germany. I got to visit some pretty amazing sites so far, to include the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Bastogne. All of this exploring of an era that lacked digital social networking forces me to current consider change in society. It makes me wonder about how life was different and why. Ultimately, though, it causes my subjective concern: is this shift in society positive? But historians are supposed to remain objective... and active in their voice. That thought was neither.

Ultimately, I cannot complain about social networking, as it allows me to remain in touch with family that I have spread all over the world. I don't have to wait for days or weeks to hear from my family. But I will still wonder about how deftly we (current society in the Western World) access the world versus our comprehension of said world. Or the lack thereof.

"[ekg] thinks too much when she has long expanses of time by herself... like on an airplane to Europe."

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