Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exploding Snot Monsters= Lot of Paperwork

All week I worked outside, killing bad plants and cutting down trees. I had a few days in which I just wanted to stay in bed with my down comforter covering my head. I have "allergies" again, creating me into a snot monster. And working this week only aggravated my condition.

I tried to take medicines to combat said allergies (ok, ok, fine. "headcold) but I had to monitor my medicinal intake to avoid being too loopy. I was working with tools that could seriously maim or kill in a matter of a few milliseconds, after all. On top of my lack of meds, I think my body ended up producing more icky stuff to combat all of the sawdust, dirt, and fumes that I inhaled over the last few days. My head feels like a bowling ball, solid and heavy, spinning furiously.

I hop on a plane for GERMANY in four days (but who is counting?) to visit my MOM and DAD! Woo! But I really need this headcold nonsense to clear out. I imagine the pressure from the cabin will compress everything in my head enough that my head explodes mid-flight. Right over the Atlantic Ocean. I also imagine an incident that will lead to lots of paperwork for the airline and I only want to help them out. Out of my consideration, I am loading up on whatever medicines I can find to clear this up while packing for my [super fun, awesome, amazing, can't-hardly-contain-myself] trip.

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