Monday, September 13, 2010

pumpkin spice

At the turn of each new season, I get very excited. Usually, I start spouting how the upcoming season is my favorite season and can hardly contain myself. I also try to encourage that season's early arrival. I break out my shorts a few days before it is actually warm enough to wear them in the spring. I purposefully leave my winter coat at home in March, hoping that will going to stop any biting, winter winds (it doesn't). I rival any eight-year old kid in my Christmas excitement (and no, tearing off extra links from the Christmas countdown chain does not make the 25th of December arrive any faster).

At the end of August, I bought a pumpkin spice air freshener. Maybe if I pump more freshener in my house, the temperature will drop and the leaves will start changing. I love fall! Fall is my favorite! Bring on the excessive use of pumpkin and cinnamon! And the sweaters! And school books and fall hikes! And excuses to drink hot cocoa and wear shades of purple, orange, and brown!

Wait a minute! What am I doing!? Falling into the same trap I do every season. Letting my now become my past before I take the time to appreciate it. I have to savor my end of summer before I rejoice in autumn's arrival. My pumpkin spice will have to wait.

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