Saturday, September 11, 2010

endorphins + caffeine

I consider myself a running enthusiast. This morning I ran my first 10K race. Very few understand this new-found love I have of running. Unless you have risen at the crack of dawn, pinned that number to your race shirt, grabbed paper cups of water from strangers only to throw them off the side when you are done, then crossed the finish line with hundreds of other sweaty runners, you don't get it. Each heartbeat fuels my push to run faster. Faster. Faster. I run for race day.

This morning's race was different. I took a break from running all week because of my cold and may or may not be fully recovered. Eh, life. I may or may not have visited the Frist Center of Visual Arts last night when I should have been sleeping (it's not my fault! I wanted to see their "Golden Age of Couture" exhibit! it's last day is tomorrow!). I did not finish with my best time, but I finished and that was my initial goal. With each race I think "ah, next time I will have a base time to race against myself!" It is rather bizarre, as I never considered myself an athlete of any sort (I was in Math Olympiads in sixth grade and did receive a trophy...). So the more I train, the more I amaze myself in my enjoyment of something I used to think I hated.

After my run this morning, I had to go to work. To lead living history programs. With my cold. Leading living history programs may be one of my least favorite activities, as it makes me nervous. I think I am afraid that I will say something incorrect or forget my lines or something. To make up for it, I decided to treat myself to some liquid deliciousness before work. I have recently discovered that peppermint mocha-flavored creamer is now sold year-round and not just at Christmas. I decided this morning would be an excellent morning to enjoy my peppermint mocha coffee. You know, to loosen up my congested chest. I also thought that enjoying my beverage before rolling into work would help me calm down a little, as I could just take a deep breath of the yummy smell and let my cares melt away (like they do in the commercials). Big mistake.

Between my "runner's high" that lasted most of the day, my nervousness regarding programs, and my consumption of caffeine (that I am NOT used to), I could not be kept still. A fellow ranger insisted that I did not walk anywhere today, I was skipping. I very well could have been, but I was on such a rush that I can't hardly remember a thing. I believe my ranger programs went well. I did once say "Hello, my name is Ranger." And a fellow ranger wanted to know why I was wound up tighter than his watch. I don't even know what you are talking about Jim this isnormalanditisprobablyendorphinsalthoughitcouldbethecoffeeidecidedtodrinkthismorningbutitwassogoodhaveyoueverhadpeppermintmochacoffeeiamsogladthatitisayearroundflavorbecauseiamgoingtobeaddictictedyouhavenoideabananas.

Maybe I should reduce my peppermint mocha consumption by half. Because I won't stop running. Ok, so maybe I will reduce it by a third. Or just a sip. Every once in a while...