Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Caterpillars Galore

So if you know me, you know that I am not a huge fan of bugs. I am much better about not wigging out about creepy crawlies than I have been in my past regarding the things, but still can't understand that phrase "cute as a bug." I particularly loathe insects that jump (ask anybody in my family about my feelings regarding grasshoppers) but caterpillars tend to freak me out, too. Maybe it is the way they move. Maybe it is the fact that they are fuzzy. Maybe I am just weird.

The other day while I was babysitting, the three-year-old ran up to me with a thick, fuzzy, green caterpillar. "Miss E-bizbiz! Miss E-bizbiz! I found a caterpillar!" I imagine the thing's head had already been crushed by the toddler's fingers, but I didn't want him to come near me with it. "You have to be gentle with the caterpillar. Go put him on the grass so he can grow up to be a beautiful butterfly." After tossing the caterpillar into the lawn (the three-year-old's version of gentle), he ran out to look for it. After a thorough examination with his hands on his knees, the baby had no such luck finding said caterpillar. He looked up and exclaimed, "Miss E-bizbizz! The caterpillar must now be a butterfly and flew away because he is gone."

Aww! He is cute as a... not bug. He did make me appreciate caterpillars for a moment. A very brief moment. Then today at work I was just typing away, working on revisions or report-writing or something when I felt a tingle on my middle finger and mindlessly brushed at it. A caterpillar rolled off my hand and into my lap. Rockets shooting up into the air have nothing on how fast I popped out of my chair. How did a caterpillar get on my hand while I was at my desk in the basement!?!? I was a good park ranger and rather than killing the nasty thing (against my better judgement), I took him outside to let him live to see another day. I am still puzzled by the situation and will have minor paranoia attacks in the upcoming days regarding those icky things. Ew.

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