Friday, November 13, 2009

Zombies Only Want You for Your Brain

I still have not fully recovered from getting sick two weeks ago. This is ridiculous. My nose has been rubbed raw, my throat is killing me, my ear is throbbing, and no, I do not want any cheese to go with my whine.

Tomorrow I will get back to work. I have my comprehensive exams scheduled and got some of my study questions last week. And like always: I have to work on my thesis. My roommate and best friend turned hers in this week. Congrats to her, but I won't lie. I am jealous of her newly acquired freedom. Her graduate school shackels have been broken! She can fly, if she so desires! Now she has to figure out an employment situation. I'm going to be in that same boat, so even with the freedom comes duties. It's always something.