Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good News: We are going to the Winchester

I am feeling calm and completely freaked out all at the same time. It might be the same feeling that occurs when you do tai chi after chugging a Red Bull. I am making progress on my chapter and on my thesis, but I don't feel like I am doing enough. I also feel like I can't do the same things that I could do even three years ago. I must have eight hours of sleep or I feel like a zombie (and then I need to eat brains because mine don't work right). I used to average four hours of sleep a night and ran smoothly, no problems.

I also have my study questions for my comprehensive exams. Woo! Another layer in my life to freak out about! And because of the deadlines for my class, I have not paid proper attention to studying. If my head continues to spin as fast as it is right now, it will create enough momentum that it will actually lift my head from my shoulders and fly around the room. I'm not kidding.

The end of every semester looks the same. There will be tears, gnashing of teeth, stress, sweat, freak out moments that result in mass-consumption of chocolate, hope, fear, yelling, dreaming, and one day very soon (too soon while simultaneously not soon enough) it will just. End. Like. That. And I will be amazed that I actually lived through another semester and then sleep for a solid four days.


Liz said...

oh yes. i know all those feelings all too well. you can do it!

Alli said...

heh, three years ago you were fueled by a lot of things.

Plus you are getting old... <3