Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vegan Zombies Only Eat Grains

I was writing this evening. Writing writing writing, like a crazy writing fool. The smoke from my flying fingers on the keyboard practically blinded my screen.

Then I stopped.

I am not sure why I stopped. I think I got distracted. That happens a lot. Alas, now I can't seem to get my steam built back up. But I have to! I need to finish this! I have little deadlines that contribute to managing the big deadlines. Ahh!

So then I decided to work on transferring footage from my camera to my computer to work on some editing. I figured if I can't be productive in my homework, I can still do things to cross of my "Things to To This Weekend" list. But something about my camera of my computer (or both) is not working, either. I think I am going to give up for the night, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie. I can cry about my wasted time tomorrow.


Will said...

it's always good to take breaks =)

As long as you can get back to work =x

NHurley said...

I have the same disease, maybe. Need to jump from one project to the other when I get antsy. It's just great minds working, right?