Monday, June 15, 2009

Library Confessions

I absolutely judge books by their covers.

Debates also rage in my head about the usefulness of a book depending on its size. If it is big and bulky, I ponder at its usefulness to my research in relation to its awkwardness of carrying it to my carrel.

I leave my books on a table when I am done. I used to work at a public library and know what those carts at the end of the aisles are for. I just think that the library is too orderly and want to mix it up a bit. Plus, I am always intrigued whenever I see a stack of books. What was the patron before me studying about?

I have consumed snacks AND beverages in the library. SHHH. But I've never written in/torn a page from/dogearred/damaged books in any way. Not yet, anyway. I have also fallen asleep with my head on my desk at the library before. More than once, in fact.

I am not sure if it is the librarian in me or the ranger in me (or the fact I don't care what people think about me) but I have asked people to "shush." Nicely, always nicely.

The library is one of my favorite places, ever. I love the smell of books and the ideas bound between their covers. I love the atmosphere of the library (it is quiet and I can hear myself think and I don't get distracted with home-chores). Even though I am not a fan of germs, I love the feel (to include the paper dust!) of a book.

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Will said...

When my dad and I went to the British Museum in 2002, he was wearing a hat as we toured the museum, but as we entered the inner library of it, he removed it. When I asked about this, he simply replied that it was a holy place.