Monday, June 1, 2009

I find...

that I either keep up well in my paper journal or on my blog. But never both simultaneously. I think I don't want to be redundant in the recordings of my life.

The wedding went well. I am exhausted from wedding-ness, entertaining, visiting, traveling, not sleeping, and having too much fun.

I am also coordinating an exhibit. It is mostly designed. It needs one last set of revisions and I will send it to the printers. But I am also in charge of coordinating the different funding sources. So even when I am not working, I am still working. And it isn't even homework. Aw, man!

I cheated a little and pulled out some footage the other day from the Pacific trip. I have too much to do immediately before I can play! But it did remind me how awesome that trip was and that I do want to go back.

My brother is in town and will leave tomorrow. My parents also leave the states tomorrow morning. I am having lot of fun visiting and I love my little bro to pieces, but I will be happy to have an evening to myself. I am going to miss all of my family terribly once they are all gone.

I know this is random, but it is how I think. And I'm tired. And I figured a spacey update was better than none.

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