Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here I Go

Because of my schedule last week (and then being hit by a cold these past few days), I haven't run in nine days. I need to get out there, but it is currently 32 degrees outside. And I am comfortable in my sweatshirt and slippers. So starts the battle:

Get out there!

But it's cold!

That's what hats and mittens are for!

It has been so long and the first day back is so hard!

You have to start back up somewhere!

What's another day? 

Don't be a wimp!

Wimps don't get enough credit in life!

You'll be fine once you hit the pavement.

I like it inside.

Go get that blood pumping!


I feel 95% better, but still wheeze a little when I breathe. So I plan to take it easy today. I know if I go out there and move it move it, I will feel better. It is just working up the motivation to put on my running shoes that seems to be the tricky part today.

Here I go.

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