Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11th

When I looked at my phone to turn off my alarm this morning, I realized that today is February 11th. To my knowledge, there is nothing particularly significant about the date (other than Thomas Edison's birthday and the anniversary of Julia Child's show airing). Rather, the lateness of the date struck me. It smacked me around a little before shaking me like a Polaroid picture.

Dang! I thought. Five and a half weeks into a new year!

 I am not complaining. In fact, I had intentions of writing on January 31st about how excellent January turned out. Then February 1st to comment on January and express excitement about February. Here I am, eleven days later. I meant to post more but life picked me up and carried me away.

So today, on this eleventh day of the second month of 2013, I will write a little. I will make note that January was a fine month. I will announce that the first eleven days of February went pretty well, too (my father left for Afghanistan last week and that is a huge bummer- but every day he is there is one day closer to his return and retirement). I will proclaim that I intend to make the rest of February's days outstanding, as well.

I continue to work on my many "projects." The historic tour of Nashville business continues to grow and new possibilities keep popping up. I am developing short historical productions for a local television channel. I have a temporary gig at the Tennessee State Museum next week, working as a bouncer crowd control for the Emancipation Proclamation exhibit. I am moving to Nashville next month. I have been helping my mom finish quilts (and can't express how much I love creative expressions in tangible forms like quilting or crocheting). I have been doing yard work as the weather permits. I have been running. I love running. I even read three books in the past two weeks- three books! Fiction ones! I haven't plowed through that much literature since my immediate post-graduation phase over a year-and-a-half ago.

I keep taking my days one day at a time, like I did when I was in Louisiana. Instead of dreading each day as I roll out of bed, however, I want to get up and press forward. Instead of counting down days to an unsure future, I power through those days. My future is still unsure, but I look forward to it. Who knows what the twelfth of February might bring!

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