Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adventures with Zeke (a photojournal)

Yesterday, I was feeling good upon coming back from a run in 60-degree and sunny weather. You can almost say I was feeling like a rockstar. I had only been away from the house for an hour or so. To most, an hour is nothing, a short unit of time marked by the ticking of 60 minutes. Based on the pitiful wailing of my parents' 9-month old dog, it was clearly closer to an eternity. I felt a little guilty, so I showered and decided to treat the dog with a trip to PetSmart.

 I could harness the dog, but not his energy. The little dude was stoked.
Look at those blue and red letters! The store actually invites animals to visit! It's like Disneyland for dogs!
 It is especially a fun place when you are cute and everybody wants to pet you.
 It is an especially fun place when there are toys nearly at your level.

Upon leaving the happiest place [for dogs] on Earth, I saw the sky and couldn't resist enjoying the last few minutes of the day. So we stopped for an extra walk.

 Pure elation as we walked around a pond at the local city park!

 There was nothing left to do than to letting that little sleeping dog lie after his adventure-filled day.

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