Thursday, November 1, 2012

casting my vote

I have a distinct memory of my mom taking me along with her to vote when I was in third or fourth grade. We went to the local library building, not checking out books that time. "This is very important," she told me. I remember her telling me almost gravely of the seriousness and responsibility we have to vote (although, the gravity of the matter is probably a combination of my flare for the dramatic and my choosing to remember my past with that same flare).

Oh, the excitement as we stepped into the gray booth! Oh, the wonder of that machine!

I still walk onto voting premises with pride. Oh, the significance of the act! Oh, how my voice is counted! I think of the many in history who have been denied their right to vote (example: when my great-grandmother was born, she legally was not allowed to vote) and am thankful for my right. I think of individuals worldwide who do not have the privilege to cast their opinion via ballot and am thankful for my right.

The red "Cast Ballot" button seemed especially bright yesterday afternoon. I nearly squealed in delight as I stepped out of the voting area, resisting the urge to curtsy on my way to my car.

Thank you! Thank you! I just made a difference while exercising my amazing right as an American citizen.

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