Wednesday, September 5, 2012

untangling thoughts

Sometimes, I have so many thoughts tangled up inside of me that I just want to sit down and do nothing. But, if you know me, you know that I have a hard time with doing absolutely nothing. Instead, I do busy things to keep me out of trouble (and distract myself from my many thoughts). Today, those busy things included volunteering, working out, baking (cookies and chicken, not at the same time), repainting my nails (so that the polish is uniform code for tomorrow), crocheting, and cleaning my kitchen for the third time in two days. And I don't like cleaning my kitchen. I meant to call my grandparents (sorry, guys! I will call you tomorrow after work! I have even set an alarm!). I meant to wash my car. I meant to drop stuff off at the Goodwill. I meant to write.

What I want to write, however, is part of my tangles. They are tripping me up. So in the same manner that I prepare my yarn before a crochet project, I am laying out my thoughts before I write. Or trying to lay out my thoughts. Today, I escaped my thoughts. Tomorrow I will be super busy at work, for I already know everything I have to accomplish and hope I will be able to take a moment to breathe at some point during the day (I then have an alarm set to call the grandparental units! I will not fail this time!). I don't imagine much thought-sorting will happen. Maybe by Friday I will have had the time to untangle enough of my thoughts to write some substance.

Or maybe I'll just float away. I would like it if I could do that.

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