Monday, November 22, 2010

friends don't let friends take benedryl

All week long I have been telling myself that my sore throat, aching ears, and stuffed nose are just symptoms to allergies. That's all! Allergies! Nothing else. I am not sick. I am not sick! I don't get sick. I don't get sick! I can't get sick! NOOOO! I am not sick.

It is no wonder, either. Part of my job consists of greeting and talking to visitors as they come through the visitor center (out-of-state germs). I am exposed to public school children, usually ten-year olds, about three times a week (dirty kid germs). I work with high school students at least once, if not twice a week (too-cool-for-school germs). I am also the Puggles director for my church. I love two-year olds, but they are little germ machines (the germiest-of-germs). It does not help that I also make several trips to public schools and the library over the course of a week; those places are real-live petri dishes.

I feel that I have a fairly strong immune system, but it can only handle so much. So I am going to go take some pseudefed and tylenol (you know, for my allergies) and charge on through my day.

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