Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow (there'll be sun)

"Fight on, my men," says Sir Andrew Barton,
"I am hurt, but I am not slain;
I'll lay me down and bleed a while,
And then I'll rise and fight again."

I really did try to work on my thesis this evening. I tried tried tried so hard. I even went to the library. But sometimes, thesis-writing just does not happen. And considering that I have have spent 2.5 hours in my quasi-writing endeavors, feelings of epic failure are currently pulsing through my veins. Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will rise and fight again.

Incidentally, while some kids dream of growing up to be astronauts or doctors, I dream of growing up to finish my degree. I dream of coming home from a long day of work and NOT have a the idea of writing haunting me. I dream of thinking about going out and having a big time WITHOUT the dreaded T-word hanging in the back of my mind. One day, it will happen.

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