Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And (no) Break

If you have been pondering about my hiatus from blogging, ponder no more! I have been insanely busy! Not that I plan on un-busy-ing myself in these upcoming months. In fact, I have recently confirmed that my busy levels will be increased before December. Yay for me!

Again, though, I take a dose of life daily and move forward. I will graduate in May 2010 and I think the only thing that will stop me at this point is Jesus's* return. 

And no, God, that was not a challenge.

Tomorrow evening I am helping/hosting/planning the opening of our cultural landscape exhibit opening. Then this weekend I am the ranger leading the living history programs at the battlefield. Woo. In the meantime I am getting back into the swing of school/thesis writing/researching/living. I also have comprehensive exams to study for at the end of this semester. I have contemplated quitting school and living in a van by the river no less than 17 times these last two weeks. Or living a life like Roxy

On this awesome day of 09/09/09, I am committing to finishing my thesis by early next spring, rocking my comps, and graduating by May 2010 (so I can... do something else). Bring on the day.

*According to Kate Turabian, I have correctly made the Lord's Name possessive. For the record (even though my computer keeps telling me otherwise). 

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