Saturday, August 22, 2009

"I could have been in politics, because I've always been a big spender"

As a swash-buckler of the high seas, I'd only have to worry about... nothing. No thesis. No deadlines. No plans. No schedules. No worries (except that worry about who brings the Dramamine). 

I much rather prefer Tim Curry's sentiment here:

It's how you look at buccaneers that make them bad or good. And he sees them as members of a noble brotherhood.

(And yes, this entry is written as one form of procrastination... I have things to do, but am currently in a I-am-going-to-quit-school-and-live-in-a-van-by-the-river mood)

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rlc said...

I love Muppet Treasure Island and that is my favorite song. I want to be a pirate who likes to sing!