Friday, July 17, 2009

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

I don't consider myself a complainer, but I definitely think I complain too much. About what? Depending on my mood, sometimes nothing and sometimes everything. So, even though it is not November, I thought I would make a (brief) list of things I am thankful for. I am trying to take steps to be more appreciative of what I have been given:

salvation, family, friends, love, freedom, democracy, the right to say/believe/print/dance to whatever I want without persecution, my right to vote, work, school, education (because school and education are totally different), sunshine, laughter, smiles, the nighttime sky, awesome parents, awesome siblings, hope, future, my past (as it helped define who I am today), this moment, technology, history, role models, flowers, mornings, sunsets, sunrises, rain, stars, thunder storms, the ocean, colors (especially pink), my childhood, humor, my hands (to write/quilt/eat/clap/scrapbook/crochet/draw/play piano/high-five with), music, dancing, joy, veterans, adventures, an inquisitive mind, kindness, babies, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, 21st century medicine, naps, hand sanitizer, books, the roof over my head, teachers, inspiration, a full moon (and dancing in it), traveling, blogs, understanding, patience (especially from others), celebration, sacrifice, art*

*this is by no means an exhaustive list. it's just a start.

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