Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creative Mushrooms

Creativity is a funny thing. I liken it to mycology (I dropped that term to both impress you as a reader and to make my friend in Oklahoma giggle a little). Fungi start somewhere, usually as spores. Those spores land and then grow into various mushrooms (this is where you scientifically-minded folks will see right through my scientific jargon to the poser I really am). Have you ever seen mushrooms or other fungal growth? They don't usually look like this: 

There are some crazy looking mushrooms out there, however. See?

There are also some stereotypical looking ones, too:

Then there is my favorite kind of mushroom, the kind sauteed and served on a steak:


These elements of the mycology field grow in various forms and in various places. Their size and their shape will depend on the weather, light, moisture, atmosphere, and location. Oh, yeah, and those original spores. 

Where is this going, Elizabeth?

Right. Back to creativity-as-mycology. Creativity does not just happen. It takes inspiration. It takes motivation. It takes atmosphere. And it starts with a spore. I think everybody contains the spore for creativity, although each spore grows in its unique way. Finally, you cannot force this growth. Fungi just happens (just look at the tiles in my bathroom... or maybe, don't). Creativity is the same way.

I write this as a means to encourage creativity to flow this evening as I have the mind to start three separate projects and yet lack the creative energy to make them actually happen today. Maybe I will go to bed and wake up to find that a night's sleep will encourage fungi growth. 

Actually, no. I don't want to wake up to find fungi growth, ever. But you know what I mean. 

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