Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Penning Thoughts Along the River

I am currently waiting for my husband to finish his run. He runs almost three times as far as me ( but my pace is about 25% slower than his). There is a math equation in there, but math is hard. In my estimation, even after all my cool down and stretching, I have about 12 more minutes to wait.

I like to sit on the rocks along the Stones River. It's quiet and I can think. I like to imagine that on this very rock some soldier during the Civil War penned a letter to his love back home. That letter would likely have been destroyed sometime in the past 150 years. But I wonder if the serenity of the water flow and the graceful fall of each turned lead instilled the same sense of peace I feel today? I wonder if he, too, used those few quiet moments to take a break from his crazy world?  I wonder who will sit on this rock in another 150 years?

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