Thursday, October 4, 2012

Moving Randomness

I can now say I have changed my address 28 times before I turned 28. You can practically call me a gypsy (but not really- I don't think gypsies have addresses, that's part of being a gypsy).

You would think by now I would have learned how to pack and properly label a box. But sometimes I was not on my moving "A-Game" and neglected to label boxes accordingly. The result:

Although, in all fairness, many of my boxes are filled with miscellaneous assortments of things that are mine. Or that I call mine. It's just stuff, really. I just tell myself whenever I unpack, it will feel more like Christmas as I surprise myself discovering varying boxes' contents.

Today, I am loading up the truck with my boxes of randomness and tomorrow I am driving said truck to my next destination: Tennessee. I have been busy packing and cleaning and doing more packing (followed by more cleaning). I swung down to The Big Easy yesterday to say farewell to a friend and pick up my mother from the airport. Now I am back at my apartment, sipping on tea, focusing on the cool morning's peaceful air, waiting for the UHaul truck place to open. The next 48 hours will likely feel hectic. But this ain' my first rodeo.

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