Saturday, November 19, 2011

my dream job

Blogging is one of many forms of journaling that I do. Maybe it is the historian in me that feels the need to record my day-to-day. I also find it helpful to record things in order to track progress (I have a journal for work, because heaven knows time flies by so fast that I can never remember when events happen). I also have a fun journal; a "Q&A-a-day" journal that has space for five years-worth of answers. Each day it poses a thought-provoking question and has a few lines for an answer. In theory, you record your answer and a year later answer the same question over the course of five years. I am only in the first year (about six months into it); it will be interesting to see how my life changes over the next five years.

Yesterday's question was, "what is your dream job of the day?" That's easy! Being a park ranger! But the ease of which my answer came to me prompted me to consider the question more thoroughly. Is that really my dream job? I don't have another? Have I seriously hit the jackpot?

I pondered it for a while. Maybe a Ben and Jerry's ice cream taster? A pilot? A photographer for National Geographic? A host for a show on either the History Channel or the Travel Channel? A children's book illustrator? An astronaut? :)

Yes, there are other cool jobs on this planet, but I am seriously living out a dream and fairly regularly am told by visitors that if they could do it over again, they'd consider park rangering. I am very fortunate that I found something I love to do so early in my life. And in this month of thanksgiving, I am thankful for both the employment and the satisfaction I get from my work.

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