Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sing it, James

I may have the option to create a digital exhibit in lieu of writing a third chapter for my thesis. I think I would like that. I would like to continue working on interpretive media for the stories I continue to research. I would like these stories shared beyond the bound pages of my thesis, sitting on a library shelf. I would also like to learn the technology to create digitally-based projects, as I think that will be a useful skill-set for my future.

Alas, I don't currently have the skill-sets needed to create the website. If I choose to create a digital exhibit, I will face all sorts of learning curves and could quite possibly run head first into walls. Not that I am afraid of challenges, but I feel like I trekked through the jungles, mountains, valleys, and deserts called grad school and am concerned if I take this on, I may walk right into the base of a cliff that I won't want to scale. Creating this exhibit will be extremely beneficial for me on many levels, but could also prove extremely difficult and time consuming. So I must decide if I continue with the writing of my third chapter or take on the exhibit project.

For now, I will turn up my iPod while I iron my uniform for tomorrow's early morning. Get up offa that thing and shake til you feel better; Get up offa that thing and try to release that pressure.

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