Saturday, February 13, 2010

just a stretch (for my fingers)

As the weather is not good anywhere within a 2-hour driving radius from here, I did not take any type of road trip as I had hoped. Maybe early March. Instead, I went to the gym, did some household chores (woo), and sat down to address what I need to do for my (you guessed it) thesis.

My thesis advisor gave me a book to use as an example for my writing (specifically, the parts relating to cultural landscapes). I have skimmed over it, will read its entirety soon, but am a little befuddled. I think my advisor's vision and my vision of my thesis differ. That intimidates me a little. So, I guess I will just go forth with what I have laid out and see how she responds. Today and tomorrow will essentially be the last two days for the next two weeks that I have time to write. I will spend the next two weekends taking S-130 and S-190 wildland firefighting training at work, on top of my regular three-day a week schedule (plus my 10+ hours of babysitting). Writing will be far from my mind after work for the next two weeks (if my mind is even functioning after work on those days).

Good news, though. I had a spectacular week (for no reason in particular) and am enjoying where I am right now. So my "struggle" in school is just forcing myself to stay in front of the computer and write. I am definitely not struggling with being here right now. And that's a good thing.

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