Sunday, February 2, 2014

See? I do cool stuff.

Tucked off of Highway 100, the Loveless Cafe has stood as a motel and cafe for decades, now serving as an iconic "down home" eatery for Nashvillians. You know you have reached success when your neon sign and plates of biscuits are instagramed dozens of times a day. The property has motel rooms, a few gift shops, and now, The Loveless Barn. The Loveless Barn opened a few years back as a venue; that venue now hosts the Music City Roots show.

I lack the ability to fully express what happens to my being when I hear a combination of a banjo, a fiddle, a guitar, and a bass. There is something inside of me that begins to take flight. Needless to say, a weekly music show that features bluegrass and Americana music sounds like my heaven on earth. The show airs live on a local radio station from the Loveless Barn (a part of the delicious Loveless Cafe) and is later aired on public television. I went because I love Ashley Monroe (she was playing) and had heard some of Love Kills Sorrow (and love their cover of "Such Great Heights"... they were playing). The Steep Canyon Rangers would be the finale and all I thought was "why not!?" Little did I know I would also discover one of my new favorite bands (and later cause nearly $4,000 in damage to my car, but that's entirely unrelated). So we went forth on a listening adventure.

The concession stand alone is worth the trip: 

Pulled pork, fried chicken, and biscuits. 'Nuff said.
In fact, the condiments table included decorative pats of butter to complete your biscuit concession. Yum. 

A band called "The Westbound Rangers" opened the show. Here they are: 

If you watch through, you can spot me enjoying myself around the 0:50 mark. If you keep watching, you'll see somebody enjoying himself even more than me at the 1:20 mark (no, I don't know him, but his face is really how I felt). This song is really one of the more "easy listening" of their selection and I was not disappointed by a single number in their set (in fact, they inspired me to write a post for my other blog... which is part of why I ended up watching a bunch of their Youtube videos this afternoon... and no, I haven't published it, yet.). 

I had a pretty good seat. And Ms. Ashley Monroe did not disappoint.
 The show went on for over two hours. It ended with a old-timey jam session:

Even watching this footage a few weeks later, I get all sorts of ecstatic about the experience. The bands amazed. The music moved. I may go to one hundred more of these shows, but that first visit will likely always rank as my favorite.